Misogyny in Horror Films?

Miogyny or just a reflection on the grittiness of our society 

An excerpt from a wikipedia page on Misogyny in horror films

Misogyny can occur in horror films when there is a degrading representation of women. This is found particularly in slasher films, where there is often gendered specific violence towards women.[1] Female characters experience violence and brutality at the hands of male antagonists far more often than male characters in these films. Female characters are more likely to experience sexual violence, particularly in the rape/revenge subgenre. Women in horror films are typically reduced to roles that are considered tropes, such as the final girl, the blond victim and the femme fatale.

Horror is a genre where every character EXCEPT the “final girl” is subject to death, often at the hands of a male. Horror does not in any way ONLY target women, and it most certainly doesn’t give survivor privilege to men. Jason, Freddy, Michael, Leather Face, Ghostface and Chucky don’t give two fucks what gender you are, if you cross them you’re going to die.

If brutal violence towards women in horror are interpreted at misogyny, then the often coupled brutal violence towards men is misandry. I don’t see how a double standard could even apply.

As for as sexual violence, women are often targets of sexual violence in real life as well. If a group of thugs stop a dude walking alone at night, he’ll most likely get mugged for what ever he has on him, maybe killed. If a group of thugs were to stop a chick, then most likely the a similar outcome but with added rape or at least sexual assault. Horror is more than a reflection of our society, it uses our cultural fears and taboos against us for exploitation purposes. Is it misogyny? It’s no more misogyny than the biological differences that lead to the different treatment of our unfortunate dude and chick in the quick theoretical.

Women are no more reduced to stereotypes and tropes than men are. In horror, everyone eventually falls into a stereotype or a trope. Tropes aren’t inherently bad or misogynistic, either.

Overall, horror films often have female leads, and though it’s for sometimes titillating reasons, the female lead roles more often than not end up kicking ass in the end. Laurie Strode fought off and killed Michael Myers (though he came back). Sidney Prescott killed off Ghostface. Alice Hardy kills off Jason’s mom. These three characters are not weak and pathetic women. They kicked ass and survived, whereas the men did not.

Lastly, I like the lack of citation in the very erroneous introduction to “Misogyny in horror”. It really bodes well when for a claim when it has no substantial evidence to back it up.

But, perhaps I missed something. Perhaps horror is a heap of misogyny and I just can’t see it.

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