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Labor Day Weekend Craziness 

Tonight, Deadman’s Tome hosts a live Interview with Bob Freville. Catch the interview live on the Deadman’s Tome podcast at 10pm CST. Use the link on the sidebar.

Tonight’s live interview is followed by a live reading of Turbo Slut 5K. A drunk reading. I will down a shot per patron. Go support the Tome at to get me drunk!

Saturday morning around 9am CST, Deadman’s Tome hosts a live interview with Carson Winters – one of the authors featured in the upcoming Book of Horrors II.

Saturday night approximately 10pm CST, Deadman’s Tome hosts a live reading of the NSFW stories on the Tome. 

Sunday, another drunk late night reading of a story from HORRGASM. Once again, a shot per patreon!

Monday night, a live reaction of a random B horror film!

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