Townsville Shooting: Good Thing Life Doesn’t Have Auto Aim

First, it’s unfortunate that there was yet another school shooting on American soil. It’s troubling whenever a young teenager is enraged enough to want to murder kids in school as if it would mean something in the end. It’s even more troubling that school shootings have become so frequent that I can guarantee you that there will be another next month. Is it wrong for … Continue reading Townsville Shooting: Good Thing Life Doesn’t Have Auto Aim

Weekly Dose of Unadulterated Horror

Horror zines are a dime a dozen, really. Why? Because it really doesn’t take much to start a blow, site, or a bare bones platform to feature and promote indie horror. But what makes Deadman’s Tome so different? Deadman’s Tome is a site dedicated to horror fiction (short stories, flash fiction, and poems) with a stance that there is no subject that is too taboo … Continue reading Weekly Dose of Unadulterated Horror

Music for Scalpel and Prepared Piano – Brendan Detzner

  In the process of removing Susanna’s eyes and tongue, he’d punctured one of her eyeballs and ripped her tongue in half. He could go without the tongue, but not the eye. He hadn’t wanted to hurt Brian. Brian was his best student. But he had no choice. If he took the time to find somebody else, he might get caught before he was finished. … Continue reading Music for Scalpel and Prepared Piano – Brendan Detzner

Deadman’s Tome LIVE – Friday @ 10pm CST

Carson Winter and Gabrielle Esposito join with Mr. Deadman to discuss their latest stories. Carson Winter is the author of Of Diamond Tongues and Seaside Tourism – a morally twisted horror that starts out innocent enough. A story that is sure to generate a very interesting and entertaining discussion about “close” families. Gabrielle Esposito is the author of Killer Instinct – a demented tale of a child exploring his … Continue reading Deadman’s Tome LIVE – Friday @ 10pm CST

Reinforced by Nick Manzolillo

  Deadman’s Tome is home to Book of Horrors, a horror anthology loaded with terrifying horror short stories that’ll chill you to the bone! DISCLAIMER: Deadman’s Tome is a dark and gritty horror zine that publishes content not suitable for children. The horror zine proudly supports the freedom of dark creative works and stands against censorship. Hardly any subject matter is too taboo for this … Continue reading Reinforced by Nick Manzolillo

Dig – Mr. Deadman

Enhance your coffee today Richwood, Texas. A small town that wasn’t even a blip on a map then, and sure as hell isn’t now. Though, that might have more to do with small town politics, limited economic growth, and a lack of job opportunities than the nasty habit of law enforcement turning a blind-eye to things that didn’t fit in with the status quo. However, … Continue reading Dig – Mr. Deadman