Why Are Cats So Evil?


The feline species has been given a bum rap. Horror films and literature seem ever so willing to vilify the cute little house kitties every single chance they get. As a cat lover, not literally you disgusting pervert, but as a cat lover I can’t stand it. Black people who think they have a case with horror because of exploitation need to wait in line. Cats have been so demonized by horror genre that if they could sue, they would have a landslide of a case.

The eyes of pure evil!

My question is why? Does horror just hate cats? Is there something about a pretty kitty that just screams ABSOLUTE EVIL!

According to Wikipedia (I’m too lazy to research myself, and if its wrong then go change the wikipedia page yourself):

Folklore dating back to as early as 1607 tells that a cat will suffocate a newborn infant by putting its nose to the child’s mouth, sucking the breath out of the infant.

Cats feed off the souls of newborns. Such cuteness comes at a price, right?

Fresh baby souls!

Black cats are generally held to be unlucky in the United States and Europe, and to portend good luck in the United Kingdom.[7] In the latter country, a black cat entering a house or ship is a good omen, and a sailor’s wife should have a black cat for her husband’s safety on the sea.[7][8] Elsewhere, it is unlucky if a black cat crosses one’s path; black cats have been associated with death and darkness.[2] White cats, bearing the colour of ghosts, are conversely held to be unlucky in the United Kingdom, while tortoiseshell cats are lucky.

Both Black and White cats are seen as unlucky and bearer of bad omen. Glad this little post can avoid diving into racial tensions since both white and black cats are discriminated against as bearers of bad luck.

In the Renaissance, cats were often thought to be witchesfamiliars (for example, Greymalkin, the first witch’s familiar in Macbeths famous opening scene), and during festivities were sometimes burnt alive or thrown off tall buildings.

People during the renaissance became retarded by religion and thought cats were servants of the devil and would burn them alive.

In Japan, there is also the saying called the Maneki Neko, also referred to in English as the “good fortune” or “good luck” cat. It is usually a sitting cat with paw raised and bent. Legend in Japan has it that a cat waved a paw at a Japanese landlord, who was intrigued by this gesture and went towards it.

Japan worships cats as if they’re divine.

It seems that the culprit of the vilification of cats lies with witchphobic renaissance bastards. Angry Europeans with the fear of God in them and a burning hatred for anything “unholy” and “satanic”. But don’t be so quick to judge the cat hating bigots, because in their defence cats were probably lazy and just could not keep up with the rat problem that would eventually bring the Black Death. Take that filthy cat haters.

Speaking of cat haters, I might be one of them. After all, I approved of a story called Oreo. A short chilling tale that resembles a bit of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat. Read it here.




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  1. I read something once that said the Pope at the time actually decreed that cats were evil and that they were to be killed off. It is mentioned as one of the potential reasons for the resurgence of the plague at that time.
    It definitely proves people had some pretty terrible opinions on cats.

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