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Fan of Deadman’s Tome?


If you’re a fan of Deadman’s Tome and enjoy reading the content, then you should look yourself in the mirror and ask “why haven’t I become a patron, yet?”

Gary Buller is the man. He is the first and only patron at the moment. If I ever feel the need to split the tasks and request help or even talk business proposals, he would be first choice.

Even if you became a patron today and out did his $1 pledge, you would still be less than him, because he’s that awesome. You could, however, be one of the more recognized fans and support the Deadman’s Tome patreon! Plus, it only takes a dollar. Becoming a patreon is super easy and super cheap.

How do you become a patreon? The link is right here.

1 thought on “Fan of Deadman’s Tome?

  1. You flatter me Mr. D 👌🏻

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