Deadman’s Tome LIVE with Bob Freville


Bob Freville joins Mr. Deadman on the Deadman’s Tome Podcast this Friday at 10PM (CST) to discuss his story on Deadman’s Tome called Sex Toy  and the projects he’s currently working on.

Bob Freville is a writer and filmmaker from New York. His work has been published by Bizarro Central, Creem Magazine, Akashic Books, Box of Bizarro and many others. A cult favorite on Berkeley public access TV, Freville is also the writer/director of the minimalist vampire opus “Hemo,” available now from Troma. Freville’s dreadful words most recently graced the pages of the clown horror anthology “Floppy Shoes Apocalypse 2: Cherry Nose Armageddon” (from Nocturnicorn Books). His chapbook “Beastuary” will be released later this year from the publishers of Ravenwood Quarterly.

Catch the episode as it broadcasts at 10PM (CST) on Friday (9/2/2016) – give or take a few minutes. Questions brought to me via chat will be asked to Mr. Freville no matter what. I’ve open the flood gates for the trolls, but it should be fun.

Deadman’s Tome podcast RSS feed is located on the side bar along with a link to the channel. Follow the Tome on Spreaker or with any other podcast app to not miss an episode.


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