Deadman’s Tome 2016 Site Stats and Stuff About Money


Get ready for the exciting world of stats!

No, I’m not going to post a borefest. No one would read that. However, you’ve probably noticed the bulging orange erection of 2016! The views on the Deadman’s Tome has increased drastically. I’m honestly impressed.

How did Deadman’s Tome jump from below 5,000 to 16,000? I’ll tell you why. It’s because of the content. It’s because of the aggressive pay for performance approach.

Speaking of pay.


This is a list of the TOP performing stories of 2016. Red lines indicate stories I’ve paid for. Dave Hann, your payment is next.

What’s the method to my madness? length of time.

Unbloom by Kristine Hall-Garcia shot through the roof. The story was published two months ago, roughly. Yet, the story has already climbed the charts. Is it stat padding? is it boosting? Is she paying for hits? I don’t know, and I’m mostly joking Mrs. Hall. What it tells me is that Kristine knows how to network. She should spread some of that horror love to other stories, and I’m sure she will.

Authors and newcomers, it is in everyone’s best interest to read, like, and share the horror. Believe me, when you share other people’s work, they’ll share yours. If they don’t, then I will get on to them about being a dick.

Write horror and want to join in on this craziness? Then what the fuck are you waiting for? Read the submissions page and send your submission.

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