REJECTED Writing Challenge OPEN AGAIN!

Deadman’s Tome is home to Book of Horrors, a horror anthology loaded with terrifying horror short stories that’ll chill you to the bone!

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REJECTED Open To Everyone

Deadman’s Tome announced a new writing contest called REJECTED where authors will compete against each other in doing the most with limitations: random plot, 3,000 words, and a week.

At first the contest was very inclusive and followed a handful of people, but now the contest is open for all. Contestants can rise to the challenge and dare to face off against one another in this multi-round elimination game.


  • No entry fee
  • Submission approx 3000 words
  • Use the random generated plot 
  • Cut throat elimination with YOUR submission read LIVE and  JUDGED
  • No cheating
  • Last author standing receives a cash prize of $50 (PayPal)
  • Don’t expect to be coddled!

Random Plot


“One night, a girl, a college student, and a widow try to summon a monster.”

Time Limit

Due September  1st, 2016

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