Free Content but Paid Authors

Anyone with business sense knows that nothing is free. You might have free access to things like YouTube, but your free access is paid for by ads. 

Deadman’s Tome doesn’t have ads. Deadman’s Tome promotes it’s anthologies and often times related stories through remotely related articles.

Deadman’s Tome does not charge for access to the stories, and has no real revenue stream other than anthologies. The profit made off the anthologies is divided amongst the authors with Deadman’s Tome getting a cut. 

I suppose some might think Deadman’s Tome is making bank on anthologies and is just wanting to beg for more money, but that is no where near the truth. This horror zine is still very new and is gradually growing and developing a presence. The anthologies sell here and there, but honestly, they have yet to sell at an impressive rate. 

Yet, Deadman’s Tome pays authors. The zine pays authors for content it gives out for free. Free allows more readers than the alternative, but it comes at a cost of the publisher operating off of pocket money and donations.

Operating off of pocket money does not promise a viable future for the zine, as the zine is dependent on my goodwill and charity. What I worry about is what happens when I lose my job? What happens when someone else takes over? How is the zine really going to invest in its future? How is the zine going to effectively promote this or that?

I don’t see the submission policy changing anytime soon, but without support, it will for sure one day.

If you are a fan of the site, and if you read on the regular, then support the Deadman’s Tome patreon.

All it takes is to go to 

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