Better Survivor: Laurie Strode VS Sidney Prescott

Laurie Strode fought off the evil of Michael Myers. Sidney Prescott survived against murderous copycats. Already, the battle would seem one sided, right? After all, defending from a group of murder happy teenagers is different from defending from a silent, relentless, sociopath. 

However, remember that Laurie Strode did not start off as a bad ass that could bitchslap her psycho brother. In Halloween, She was vulnerable, scared, and survived because of luck of the situation and circumstance. As did Sidney Prescott in the first Scream. 

I argue that Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott face off would not be as one sided as expected, especially in their amateur beginnings. I have no doubt that Halloween H20 Laurie Strode would dominate just about any challenger, but for this challenge we are looking at original Halloween’s Laurie Strode VS Scream’s Sidney Prescott.

Both of them proved they are survivors, but which one is the better survivor? Which one was better at using environment?

 Laurie Strode was quick to get a knife and hide behind a couch, but in a dark room. Point for Sidney

Sidney Prescott was quick to run into her room.and barricade the bedroom door with the closet door and call police. Point for Sidney

But, Laurie Strode had to defend herself and the kids she babysat. Point for Laurie for responsibility.

Sidney fought off highs school teenagers, whereas Laurie fought off a psycho escape from a mental ward. Point for Laurie.

While Laurie made a dumb choices like running into a closet, she used a close hanger to stab and maim Michael Myers. Point for Laurie.

Sidney had sex and brought on the cliche horror curse on herself, whereas Laurie did not. Point for Laurie for not being a slut. 

Laurie and Sidney both suffered from knife wounds. Point deduction for both. 

Laurie fought against her brother while Sidney fought against some highs chook lover. They’re expendable. Point for Laurie.

Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems like even at their amateur level Laurie is a better survivor than Sidney. 

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