Interview with David Hoenig

David Hoenig joins Mr. Deadman on the Deadman’s Tome podcast to discuss his two short stories Pruning The Garden and North by Due North  along with his current projects and aspirations. David Hoenig is an author that writes in a variety of genres. Pruning The Garden is more of a historical mystery than a brutal horror, where as North by Due North is an merciful horror with a lovecraftian flavor.

The interview will broadcast on the Deadman’s Tome Spreaker channel around 10pm(CST). Follow the channel to be notified the moment the broadcast goes live. Chat is encouraged. I’m also a sucker for punishment, as long as its for a cause. I’ll gladly take a shot of nasty cookie dough vodka for every time someone donates a dollar to the Deadman’s Tome patreon.

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About David Hoenig:

David is a practicing physician for whom writing is his ‘second career’.  He’s won two short fiction contests (Dark Chapter Press, Espec Books) and has multiple stories published/accepted to different anthologies with Flame Tree Publishing, Cast of Wonders, Horrified Press, Zoetic Press/NonBinary Review, Drunk Monkeys Literary, Dark Chapter Press, Elder Signs Press, and Nebula Rift Magazine.  He is working on his first novel.  Slowly.

His website–

His Amazon author page–



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