Showing the New Pennywise Ruined The IT Remake

The new Pennywise was released a few weeks ago and I’ve been sort of silent on it. I’m not afraid throw my opinion on a lot of things, but I had to sit on this. In Stephen King’s  IT, Pennywise was a party clown with a hint of creep here and there so that he could lure children. Pennywise did not come off as some monster at first, and if it did, it would’ve ruined the plot. 

No child would ever befriend or trust the new Pennywise if he looked like this throughout the film. If the remake of Stephen King’s IT features Pennywise like a demented psycho clown from the get go, then the film will just suck ass.

I doubt the producers would be that stupid. I’m betting on Hollywood to at least treat Pennywise with some tact and make him approachable before his demoticons transformation. But maybe I shouldn’t.

Regardless, this new form. This new Pennywise does come across as trying to hard, and if this is the evil scary form, why reveal it now. Revealing the evil form now takes away from what made IT work. The audience shouldn’t already know what to expect from Pennywise.

What made Stephen King’s IT work is suspense, tension, and not knowing what to expect from Pennywise. Suspense is thrown out the window like a cat vomiting on the floor as soon as Pennywise demented final form is revealed. Of course, this is me speculating that the new Pennywise is a demonic form, because if not then the movie already messed up. If Pennywise doesn’t look somewhat approachable them the premise is ruined. I’ll give the producers the benefit of the doubt that the new Pennywise is not IT’s causal form.

My thoughts? The producers fucked up revealing their scary monster before it could scare. 


  1. He’s only approachable in one or two appearences in the book. The rest of the time he outright attacks or terrorises the kids. Stephen King even said that the clown concept came because of the fact kids are scared of them. Having said that the new look isn’t what I was hoping for but I’m intrigued to see it in action.

  2. Have you ever read the book? “It” isn’t the least bit concerned with being approachable or befriended by the kids he stalks.

    1. I have. I suppose we have two different interpretations as to why IT would choose a bozo the clown sort of look to lure children. IT cared about appearance as it is part of the reason why IT would manifest as different forms.

      I’m hoping that this new pennywise is not the storm drain pennywise, because what kid would approach that thing.

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