Stunt Woman Gave Her Arm and Face For Resident Evil: The Final Shit Show

Olivia Jackson lost an arm and crushed her face during a motorcycle stunt for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. What’s worse is that she almost died for a franchise that has been milked dry like a dead cow with just a few ounces of milk. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter better not try to get sympathy tickets out of this tragedy. 

Wanted to share this to show that even behind cap movies is a team of heavily devoted and hard working people. The movie might be robbed of a soul, but the cast and crew somehow find a way to pump life into the dried up husk. But don’t get a sympathy ticket. The crew has already been paid. It’s not on you or your friends to fork money to see a movie that enjoys finding new ways to thin out the already thin as rolling paper plot. 

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