Savage Streets – Quick Review

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Savage Streets – Quick Review

Savage Streets, starring Linda Blair (known for playing the possessed girl in The Exorcist) and a whole slew of beautiful women with perky breasts, killer thighs, and an attitude to match, is a brutal tale of revenge in a city were eye for an eye is the only way to live.

A 1984 revenge-exploitation film without the cringe of an typical 80’s exploitation film. The cast delivers their performance and from the get-go the plot moves along without a lot of fluff and bullshit. A group of girls mess with a ruthless gang and as a result the gang systematically harasses, rapes, and murders to the point to where Linda Blair has to take matters into her own hands!

The film delivers on the tit-factor as well. Within minutes of the film, busty white tits bust out from skin tight pink shirts. Not your thing? Then, stick around for the building tension. The film does a great job really driving the viewer to HATE – absolutely HATE, the gang of thugs.

There is one scene that is probably too intense for some, but you’ve got to see it for yourself.


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