Suicide Squad is Awesome Fuck the Critics

Just watched Suicide Squad and I must say the critics are full of shit hating on this movie like it’s a steaming pile of dog shit. Is it perfect?  NO! But, neither is any other Marvel movie. But that’s just it, right? Critics often compare DC to Marvel as if they’re the same and should follow the same pattern, but they’re different.

For the sake of comparison though, Suicide Squad suffers from some editing problems. Dialog in certain scenes are repeates verbatim from one scene to the next along with behaviors that seem to contradict prior scenes. For example, Harly Quinn checks her neck for the restraining charge when Red Flag let’s the fugitives go, but the Joker had already set her free. WTF? 

However, there are two areas that DC delivers where Marvel fails. One, the inclusion of military and police forces. By involving pentegon briefings and political influence it creates a sense of grounding realism. How would our world react to the arrival of Superman, to the destruction, and then his death? 

Second, dark and gritty tones. Marvel movies are bright and kid friendly other than Deadpool, but that was and still is an exception.

Suicide squad was deliver on the dark tones that portray the story in a more serious light. Ant Man was fun but seemed like a joke. Captian America was fun, but we knew that America would prevail, and Iron Man was fun but a load of bullshit. A rich billionaire designing super tech armor? Please, they would much rather spend time designing cutting edge MP3 players.

Suicide Squad suffers from some editing flaws and too much slow motion, but overall the movie is enjoyable and fun. Fuck the critics!

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