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REJECTED – Elimination Writing Contest

HORRGASM – Six gruesome, chilling, and sexualized horror shorts.

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Deadman’s Tome presents a brand new writing contest called Rejected. The idea of Rejected is to challenge seasoned and amateur writers to write a 3,000 word short story using a randomly generated plot. Each contestant will receive the same plot, and are then given a week to write. 

The short stories would be read and judged live on the Deadman’s Tome Podcast on Spreaker on Friday at 10PM. Mr. Deadman and a guest will judge the short stories and decide on which one would be rejected. 

The contestants would move on to the next round where each contestant would be given a randomly generated title. The contestant that survives both elimination rounds will receive secured placement in an upcoming anthology AND fifty dollars ($50 USD).


Rejected is intended for episodic releases and will continue as long as authors and writers wish to be challenged. It goes without saying that the point of the contest is to have fun.


If you’re interested, please fill out the contact form below.

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