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Horror Olympics – Zombie Horror

Deadman’s Tome is home to Book of Horrors, a horror anthology loaded with terrifying horror short stories that’ll chill you to the bone!

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Deadman’s Tome Horror Olympics is the gruesome, dark, lost and forgotten cousin of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Nothing invades like a zombie swarm. Endless zombie rampage, hordes of undead fiends, and mindless walkers, no matter the term the objective seems to be the same. Kill, Infect, and Repeat. Like locusts to a field of crops, zombie decimate towns and bring forth a violent and brutal apocalypse.

Some say the zombie trend is tired, and yet we seem to live in a zombie nation. No TV show, movie, or game seems untouchable to the undead horde. Call of Duty was overrun by zombies in Call of Duty Black Ops and ironically gave the franchise a spark of life. Even literary classics like Pride and Prejudice were invaded by the undead swarm, and people flocked to it as if they want to be zombie fodder.

The Deadman’s Tome Horror Olympics looks at the zombie stories in its catalog and has them compete for gold! This category features The Four of JulyJoining the FamilyThe Night We Aired the House, My 1963 Ford Galaxy and the Maniacs of Dearborn County by Gary L. Robbe and Happy Birthday, Joshie


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