Tackle Summer Boredom in 7 Easy Steps


Summer comes with a lot of free time. Sometimes more than we really know what to do with. Here are something that you can do to enjoy your summer.

1. Read!


Horror short stories and dark fiction will keep you entertained and my frighten you to the point to where you baracade yourself in a closet. Think I’m joking? Take the challenge and consider reading VooDon’t by Kelly Evans or Snoflower by L.K. Scott!

2. Write!


Get off your ass and write that damn book you’ve been dwelling on for the past few months. You’ve already told your friends and family how great your idea is, and some probably fed into it and offered their supportive words. Now, stop sitting on your ass watching reality TV and get to the damn grind already. If I, a man with ADHD and easily distracted, can churn out a novella while sitting at the hospital for the birth of my baby daughter then what’s your excuse? Your Story Won’t Write Its Self!

3. Find a new hobby!


Ever considered taking up a fascination with the occult? I hear it pays off with all sorts of cool benefits such as bodily possession. Don’t believe me? Check out Melissa’s Hobby by Sean Glasheen!

4. Have an Affair


Bored and married? Well, I’m no Dr. Phil, but I do have a Bachelors in Psychology. And let me tell you. Married and bored means one thing and always one thing. Time to stick in someone else. What could possibly wrong? Check out Touch Me, I’m Sick by Mark Slade as a fine example.

5. Volunteer your soul


Maybe your bored because you’re a boring person. If that’s the case no self-help book and amount of therapy is going to help you. Trust me. I’ve been though hundreds of hours and I’m still the same miserable whiskey drinking coke fiend I was when my wife left me for Chocolate Thunder. Maybe you should consider selling your soul to the devil. I mean, what good is it doing you as a boring and pathetic person? Read Snowed In by Matt Michaelis for an example.

6. Get laid?


You could, you know, try your luck at getting laid. Whether you’re a straight male or a lesbian, there is something about the lure of that pink honey cup. If a zombie can get with these ladies, then what’s stopping you? Just don’t let the fear of rejection get you down. Consider [NSFW] Fly Blown – Kenneth Whitfield as a reminder of why you should never settle for trailer trash! Think SexBots (FuckBots) would be better? think again Turbo Slut: Eat More Pussy – Mr. Deadman

7. Visit the beach!

Japanese girl beach tattoo

Or the local pool. It’s summer, and it’s time to expose your pale vitamin-D deficient skin to the scorching sun. Why? Ever seen a town remove a whale from a beach? It’s pretty gruesome. So gruesome that you might even write a horror flash fiction about it. Check out Beached by Corey Niles

Whatever you choose to do, remember to have fun and make terrifying memories. Summer is the time to do the things you never have time for during the school year, so don’t waste it in front of the TV!

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