Takata Airbag Could Kill You!


Imagine, you’re driving through traffic with your family in the car.

Maybe you’re heading back to town after a weekend of camping. Maybe you’re returning from an outing at the beach. Maybe you were at the park, driving your kids around so that they don’t have to break a sweat playing PokemonGO.

Whatever the reason, you’re in a vehicle heading home. A vehicle that you think will keep you somewhat safe, right?

Wrong! Dead wrong!

Thousands of cars have Takata airbags installed. An airbag that manufactures KNEW would rupture with the slightest fender bender, and when a Takata airbag ruptures, they go off like a grenade. A cloud of shrapnel exploding in your face.


There’s a chance that your car could have this defected airbag installed and its your responsibility to keep you safe from these defected, shrapnel launching devices. It’s horrible that it took this long for a recall to happen, but its even more horrifying that people knew that this could happen and didn’t give a singe once of concern.

The top executives of Takata wouldn’t knowingly drive with a hand grenade as an airbag, but they’ll let you do it for a profit! Fuck Takata. #FuckTakata


Use this link to check if your vehicle has been recalled!


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