Deadman’s Tome: HORRGASM releases on August 15th! The anthology contains a collection of unmercifully terrifying and brutally gruesome horror with a touch of sex. Pre-order your copy today!

Deadman’s Tome needs your help to decide the cover that would best fit this awesome upcoming anthology!


Cover A

Cover A features a woman screaming in horror. It captures the element of horror and dread with a touch of the sexual with some cleavage.

Cover B

Cover B features a mutilated woman body with a vagina eye.The cover is brutally grotesque and sexualized with bare tits and a vagina eye?

Unlike the possibly rigged presidential election, your vote actually matters! Vote for the cover YOU want to see on the anthology by voting on the poll by clicking here!

Check out @MrDeadmanDT’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/MrDeadmanDT/status/761602737507176449?s=09

or leave a comment below!


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