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Month: August 2016

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Death & Cosmos – C. C. Parker

Enhance your coffee today Death & Cosmos – C. C. Parker      An overcast sky evaporates before a brooding sunrise.  Yet my mind’s as clear as it’s been.  Black Prism that has thrived in me for centuries, dies.  Temples fade inside a kingdom built with second-sight: visions of conquering . . .   As a man I’m weak, sucking-off […]

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Is Don’t Breathe A Stand Your Ground Wet Dream?

Critics called Don’t Breathe the best and most original horror film, but does it life up to the hype? Well, if you’re a strong supporter of Stand Your Ground laws, then you’ll be right at home.  Don’t Breathe seems like it was designed for those that want to vicarious enjoy the fight and the right to kill that usually comes […]

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Deadman’s Tome LIVE with Bob Freville

  Bob Freville joins Mr. Deadman on the Deadman’s Tome Podcast this Friday at 10PM (CST) to discuss his story on Deadman’s Tome called Sex Toy  and the projects he’s currently working on. Bob Freville is a writer and filmmaker from New York. His work has been published by Bizarro Central, Creem Magazine, Akashic Books, Box of Bizarro and many others. A cult […]

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Fan of Deadman’s Tome?

If you’re a fan of Deadman’s Tome and enjoy reading the content, then you should look yourself in the mirror and ask “why haven’t I become a patron, yet?” Gary Buller is the man. He is the first and only patron at the moment. If I ever feel the need to split the tasks and request help or even talk […]

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Zombie Times Takes Over Deadman’s Tome Tonight 

Mr. Deadman is apparently too lazy to do a podcast tonight. He asked me to fill in for him again. Join me, Undead Greg, tonight around 10PM (CST) to hangout with the chillest zombie you’ll ever meet. I might be to laid back to bite anymore, but my opinions and rants just might. Follow the podcast on speaker. Check out […]

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Deadman’s Tome 2016 Site Stats and Stuff About Money

Get ready for the exciting world of stats! No, I’m not going to post a borefest. No one would read that. However, you’ve probably noticed the bulging orange erection of 2016! The views on the Deadman’s Tome has increased drastically. I’m honestly impressed. How did Deadman’s Tome jump from below 5,000 to 16,000? I’ll tell you why. It’s because of […]