Death by Police a Black Problem?

With the death of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, along with the numerous other deaths, it’s easy to let out emotions to get the better of us and to assume it’s a race thing.

In 2015, 990 Americans were shot dead by police, and 494 being white and 258 being black. 

It’s not a race thing. It’s not a black thing. It’s not even a white thing. It’s a horrific reality that involves all of us as Americans. We should treat the problem as if it effects us all, because according to the stats, it does. All lives matter!

People that say it’s a black make the police seem racially motivated, and the stats do not support that. The police shot dead more whites than blacks by a huge margin. But, like I stated earlier, this isn’t a race thing. 

Based on the same stats, one could argue that the police really have it in for males. White males at that, but the media doesn’t cover. I honestly can’t recall the last time a cop received media attention for killing a white male. But, honestly, it’s not a race thing.

The problem is that our police are so eager to escalate situations and seem rather trigger happy. Not saying all cops are. They’re good ones out there. But there is definitely a problem and I’m willing to bet it stems from training.

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