Entertaining Threesome

    If a threesome isn’t entertaining, then you’re doing something wrong. Authors Gary L. Robbe, Sarah Doebereiner, and Dan Lee talk about their stories, inspiration, and other projects. Stories discussed are My 1963 Ford Galaxy and the Maniacs of Dearborn County https://deadmanstome.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/my-1963-ford-galaxy-and-the-maniacs-of-dearborn-county-by-gary-l-robbe/ Schrodinger’s Dilemma https://deadmanstome.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/schrodingers-dilemma-by-dan-lee/ Candied https://deadmanstome.wordpress.com/2016/05/05/candied-by-sarah-doebereiner/ also discussed: Schrodinger’s Cat, Exploitation Films, B-movies, Nudity and sex in horror, Murderous Grannies and zombies   … Continue reading Entertaining Threesome

Book of Horrors – Scuttle Bug

Scuttle Bug – Matthew Johnson Amanda’s gut churned, ripping the delicate fabric of sleep. Her eyes flew open as waves of pain shuddered between her legs. She threw off the covers, thoughts veiled in thick fog of disbelief, a dream-like numbing skirting the edges of nightmare, and slowly, as another wave of pain struck, she comprehended what was happening and screamed. Visible in the morning … Continue reading Book of Horrors – Scuttle Bug

Book of Horrors – Babel Frequency

Babel Frequency – David Wright It was as if a giant magnet had passed across the earth and erased the collective hard-drive of humanity. The woman woke from fitful sleep, her hair drenched with sweat, the visions of the dream world still fresh in her consciousness.This was the most important time. Only in sleep could she remember the past.  Only in the dream world did … Continue reading Book of Horrors – Babel Frequency

[NSFW] Fly Blown – Kenneth Whitfield

  She has an earthy smell about her. Musky. I chalk it up to her being on the dance floor so much. Hot and sweaty, honky tonking, showing off her ample assets in a tight half-shirt with even tighter Daisy Duke cutoffs. She’s pretty, long dark hair, heavily made up brown eyes, full pouty lips and a seductive smile. Infectious laugh. But coming off a … Continue reading [NSFW] Fly Blown – Kenneth Whitfield