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Interview with Sean Glasheen – Occult, Oujia Boards, and More

Grand Master Seán Glasheen, author of Melissa’s Hobby, joins Mr. Deadman to discuss his short story (a story that has done so wonderfully on the site), the upcoming anthology, and talk about two subjects his story touches on occult and betrayal. Seán Glasheen is a young man, what could he possibly know about the occult and betrayal?


After the interview, there will be a post-show. The Deadman’s Tome post-show is where topics get interesting. Last week Clive Carpenter and I got heated over how people bitch and complain about not finding the time to write their book yet their watching reality TV and Kim Kardashian’s ass. This week, oh boy, do I have something planned. You know for damn sure I’m going to talk about some real scary stuff, the horror that is our reality.

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