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Your Story Won’t Write Its Self!

A lot of people say that they have an awesome story idea, but never get around to actually writing it. With friends and family telling you your idea is brilliant, maybe even praising you as the next Stephen King, the motivation is clearly there. And if it’s not, realize this little nugget of truth, you’ll never be nothing more than no name no body until you face that dreaded blank screen with the determination to tell your damn story!

No sugar coating with me, or with Clive Carpenter, you’ll never come close to Stephen King or even the Fifty Shades of Gray author (read that twice) without putting in the work! Yes, watered down and safe erotica that started of as Twilight fan fiction is a head of you, and you only have yourself to blame!

Oh, but I have kids. Uh, so do other people. Um, put the damn little minions to bed and get that hour or two hours of writing. Oh, but I need to follow up on the Kardashians. What The Fuck? Why? You would rather watch a show about a woman that was famous for a sex tape and a big ass that isn’t porn? Well, that time spent watching your reality TV could be spent doing other things.

Still not convinced? Then listen to Clive Carpenter and I talk about motivation and procrastination on writing!

2 thoughts on “Your Story Won’t Write Its Self!

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  2. […] Get off your ass and write that damn book you’ve been dwelling on for the past few months. You’ve already told your friends and family how great your idea is, and some probably fed into it and offered their supportive words. Now, stop sitting on your ass watching reality TV and get to the damn grind already. If I, a man with ADHD and easily distracted, can churn out a novella while sitting at the hospital for the birth of my baby daughter then what’s your excuse? Your Story Won’t Write Its Self! […]

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