Because going back to old stories to have them trend again is awesome. Sarcasm not intended. Deadman’s Tome is home for many awesome, dark, horrific tales that for various reasons have been neglected or overlooked. Let’s turn to those lost but not forgotten pages of the Tome in the #TakeMeBackTuesday


Babel Frequency by David Wright – Memories, implicit and explicit, have suddenly vanished, leaving humanity lost like newborn infants in a world ruled by wolves and vultures.

More Plastic Wrap by Florance Ann Marlowe – A neckbeard basement dweller wishes his nagging mother would stop that annoying ass cough, but to what end?

Dose by Marc Shapiro – A dark comedy with loads of sex about a man that is driven to a bitter end to satiate his carnal desire.

The Memory Chamber by S. J. Budd – Shedding away awful haunting memories comes with a hefty price.


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Deadman’s Tome is a growing horror zine that publishes short stories and flash fiction whether it’s ghost stories, zombie invasions, bigfoot sightings, slasher sprees, bizarre fiction, classic horror literature, lovecraftian literature, or erotica. The darker the tale the better.

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