Deadman’s Tome – Book of Horrors Cover



Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors I is set to haunt kindles and other eReader devices on July 1st! Launching an anthology during the summer months means that this dark collection of horror will be competing with summer movies, but fortunately Hollywood seems determine to suck. Seriously, how on earth anyone thought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows was passable is beyond me. Not horror related? Oh, but it surely is. A sort of horror reserved for torture. anyways…

I’m excited about this wonderful tome of dark, macabre, and demented stories. With stories great for telling over a campfire at night and others reserved for when you’re alone, this assortment of dark and twisted stories is a must have. Pre-order your copy today and have the book downloaded instantly once it’s available!



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