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Interview with Gary Buller

If you haven’t read Escape or The Way Out by Gary Buller then you’ve really got to do yourself a favor and read them. Escape is a short, dark, and amusing tale of a girl that just can’t seem to stop killing herself. Imagine Groundhog Day but with Bill Murray purposefully trying to fuck up. Of course, suicide isn’t a light subject, but this delightful little piece of horror will have you think otherwise. If you make it through Escape without laughing at the protagonists almost cartoon-like desire to just die, then you might be taking the story too seriously.

The Way Out is a dark story that illustrates a suffocating and constraining world of paranoia and madness as a man slowly loses his sanity. From his shattered sanity and the festering sense of doubt, the reader never really knows whether the character is a live or dead, or something in between.

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  1. Looking forward to it!

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    An interview with me about two of my stories. The Way Out, and Escape.

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