Sunday Horror

Sundays are often thought of as the day of rest. A day where one should kick back and relax. So, do just that. Who cares if you’re at work. It’s a Sunday. Kick back in the backroom with a glass of rum and coke or whatever your therapeutic beverage is, and enjoy some dark and unrelenting horror.

Think you’re life sucks? Are you troubled by some evil mother issues? Well, then allow for Confession by Clive Carpenter to correct your perspective. I promise you, no matter who bad your relationship is with your mother you don’t have it nearly as bad as the guy in Confession. Still don’t believe me? Then, I must ask you, has your mother tried to kill you?

Some secrets can never be forgot, and I dare you to face the ethical dilemma in Schrodinger’s Dilemma by Dan Lee. Two brothers thought they could hide a horrible accident beneath six feet of soil, locking away a young dead girl in a locker without eve knowing whether she was alive or dead.

Whether scorned by a former lover, betrayed by a longtime friend, or a scholar of the emotions that make us human, you’ll surely enjoy the dark descent into madness in Lord Weatherby by J. D. Mraz. A descriptive horror short that serves as a reminder that wealth does not protect one from the corruptive nature of jealousy and the festering rage that comes from it.

Think that Bigfoot is just a man in a suit? Think again, Rock-a-Bye Bigfoot by Shawn M. Riddle tales of an event that dates back to the 19th century where a lone hunter discovers first hand that certain monsters should never be allowed to breed!

Dealing with the lost of a loved one? Dealing with the slow withering of a family member? Then allow The Night We Aired the House by Chris Campeau to resonate with you with a strong and powerful feeling of loss. Two brothers watch as their mother slowly succumbs to a disease that has no cure, that leaves its victims without peace at death.


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