Deadman’s Tome newest anthology is about a month a away from release, but you don’t have to wait until July to get a copy. Pre-order a copy of Deadman’s Tome – Book of Horrors V1 and know that on July 1st you’ll have a collection of demented, twisted, thought provoking, and psyche damaging horror delivered right to your tablet, smart phone, or computer! Featuring the following authors: Seán Glasheen (Author), S.J. Budd (Author), Florence Marlowe (Author), S. Alessandro Martinez (Author), Matthew Johnson (Author), Mark Armstrong (Author), Jacob Lambert (Author), & 3 more


Lost, but not forgotten. Discarded, but not abandoned. Rumor has it that somewhere deep in the dark abyss lies an ancient relic of wicked men, a product of madness. A tome of horrors so unimaginable, so unfathomable that a few lines was all it took for people to go mad. There are documented accounts of this book shattering families, tearing through the strongest of examples of love, causing mothers and fathers to devour…


Owner of Dedman Productions, a small production company that focuses on bringing entertainment in both fiction and film.

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