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How Can I Support Deadman’s Tome?

Deadman’s Tome is an online horror magazine (ezine) that publishes horror shorts and flash fiction. That much you probably already know, or at least could probably guess from the aesthetics of the site. What you maynot know is that Deadman’s Tome is a paying market that offers authors to earn money based on views, likes, and comments their stories receive. That means everytime you read a story, leave a comment, or like a story you support the authors! Literally, they earn money for each view, comment, and like.

Now, Deadman’s Tome does not earn money via ads. I do not want to bombard the site with distracting ads. I absolutely hate how everyother site on the internet is littered with ads, and I do not want that to happen with Deadman’s Tome. Deadman’s Tome earns money from merchandise and anthologies, and our shirts are now available!

Why buy a Deadman’s Tome shirt? Because not only do you support the site, and the authors featured on the site, you also get something out of it. You get a shirt that has an emblem on it that leads people to wonder if you’re part of some cult. The answer is, obviously, yes.



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