ANT FARM by Roger Dale Trexler



Timmy Caldwell stomped the anthill.  

He was only eight years old and his mother had shooed him out of the house so she and her girlfriends could drink wine and gossip.  Left to his own devices, he found the anthill almost immediately.  He watched for a moment as the ants scurried to and fro, but he lost interest quickly.

He looked down, said: “she won’t let me have an ant farm” and flattened the anthill with the heel of his shoe.


After the girls were gone, his mother, tipsy from too much wine,  came stumbling out the backdoor.  

“Timmy,” she yelled.  “Come in and take your bath!”

Timmy, who was sitting on the swing set, did not listen.

“Why you little shit!” she muttered under her breath.  She staggered forward, started down the steps on the deck, and fell flat on the concrete sidewalk below.  Blood splattered everywhere when her nose shattered.

Dazed, she rolled over to see Timmy looking down at her.

“You’re an ant,” he said.

Then, he stomped her face in.  He sat on the ground and watched as the ants crawled into her open mouth and broken nose.

“Ant farm,” he said.



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