Sunday Horror

To some, Sunday is perceived as a day of lounging and relaxing, but one could make the case that Sunday is a day of horror, dread, and misery. It’s a day where God fearing folk are reminded of the horrors of Hell, a day of rough hangovers, and a day away from work.

Deadman’s Tome can’t relieve you of your hangover, it can’t bend time and make work go away, but it can give you world of horrors to distract and grant perspective.

Feel like your life sucks? Hung up on some drama?
A Small Problem by Diana Arrelle and Candied by Sarah Doebereiner will surely give you a helpful perspective.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one?
A Mad World by M. R. Tapia will take you on a dark and mysterious journey that’ll give you a sense of hope.

Haunted by the ghost of you-drank-way-too-much? Go for a crazy, violent, cross County ride in My 1963 Ford Galaxy by Gary L. Robbe and escape from the manics!

Of course, there are more. A lot more.

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