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No reading tonight

Unfortunately, there will be no podcast or reading tonight. I do, however, would like to express a noticeable impact that the “Share the Love, man” post seems to have had.

For those new to Deadman’s Tome, I encourage you to check out the stories, the content, and express your likes, give your feedback, and share with your friends. It should go without saying that the authors enjoy to have their stories read and enjoyed. Why else would they want to publish their work, to have it read by the public, and to receive constructive feedback. But, what’s not so obvious is that the authors receive monetary benefit as well based on views, likes, and comments.

Also, not to be a total shill, but Deadman’s Tome shirts are available. Be the first one on your block to wear a Deadman’s Tome T-shirt and represent a growing horror ezine!

-Mr. Deadman


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