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Month: May 2016

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Happy Anniversary by R. L. Schumacher

A soft breeze fluttered the curtains that hung on the open window. Legs tangled with silk sheets on the bed. Two lovers tied in passionate embrace in the darkness. Daria slinked on top. Her palms pushed down on Jake’s chest. He slid inside of her as she began to rock back and forth. The bed creaked in protest of their […]

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Life Cycle by Adam Phillips

      Mica wedged himself through the huddle of children, stepping on feet and shoving, craning to see what everyone else was looking at.  At the center of the throng was a leaf, and undulating on the leaf was a turgid, shiny brown caterpillar. Mica pushed to the front of the group, bending closer, squinting.       On the caterpillar’s rear end, […]

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Sunday Horror

Sundays are often thought of as the day of rest. A day where one should kick back and relax. So, do just that. Who cares if you’re at work. It’s a Sunday. Kick back in the backroom with a glass of rum and coke or whatever your therapeutic beverage is, and enjoy some dark and unrelenting horror. Think you’re life […]

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Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Commentary

A day ago, I stumble upon a little B-movie horror called Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. The title instantly grabbed my curiosity. I mean, who wouldn’t be curious to just how bad this slaughter fest could actually be, right? Well, if you have read my review of this cheese fest, then you’ll know that it is actually not as bad, thought extremely […]

Deadman's Tome LIVE 3

Deadman’s Tome LIVE – Schrodinger’s Cat, Zombies, Exploitation Films, and Murderous Grannies

Authors Dan Lee, Gary L. Robbe, and Sarah Doebereiner meet with Mr. Deadman to discuss their stories, related topics, and may or may not veer off into tangents about ethical dilemma of Schrodinger’s Cat, how to hide bodies, zombies, and sad reason why old people are scary. Dan Lee is the author of Schrodinger’s Dilemma, a dark tale that proves […]

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Deadman’s Tome LIVE at 10PM (Central Time)

Tonight at 10PM (central time): Mr. Deadman interviews horror authors Gary L. Robbe and Dan Lee, talk about their short stories, discuss inspiration, and may trail off on to somewhat related topics. Stories discussed are My 1963 Ford Galaxy and the Maniacs of Dearborn County Schrodinger’s Dilemma   Deadman’s Tome is a growing horror zine that publishes short stories and flash […]

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Confession by Clive Carpenter

  I was dying and I knew that today would be my last day in this pathetic world. I needed to tell someone my story before I died. So, I had the paper send a reporter, a bright young man named Charles Fain. I actually asked for him by name. His stories of local life were always the highlight of […]

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Voice Actors?

In the off chance that a voice actor or someone that thinks (insert gender pronoun) can take a shot at it visits the site…. Deadman’s Tome is looking for voice actors that are willing to read a story 4theluv. Credit of course. Send me an email

Existential 11

Schrodinger’s Dilemma by Dan Lee

I’d been staring at the box for nearly an hour contemplating the consequences of opening it before the time was right. The beer in my hand was half empty, warmer now from being held so long and hardly as satisfying as it had been when I started drinking it. The whole world had gone mad but here I was, sitting in the living room of my little apartment staring at Pandora’s Box and wondering what madness still could be waiting inside. The floor was covered in fresh mud and dirt, streaked brown and green from where I’d drug it inside. I’d vomited twice at the memory of burying it, at the smell that came crawling up through the earth as I disinterred it. It might have been easier to move if I’d had some help and who better to help than my brother? He’d been more than happy to bury it with me two months ago but he never would have agreed if he’d known what was coming, of the questions I’d have. Once it had been done he refused to ever speak about it again so I was left no choice but to dig it up and drag it back here by myself. Even so, I knew I’d be seeing him soon. I was certain of that much.

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Lord Weatherby by J.D. Mraz

    He rubs bare bone with longing fingertips, staring into abyssal sockets. “Oh Agatha,” He bellows, “Why do you do it?” He repeats these words for a few moments as he swirls his burning drink around in a stained glass. Throwing his head forward in a rush of blood he stares down a once bustling gallery of statuettes and […]

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Rock-a-Bye Bigfoot by Shawn M. Riddle

  North Carolina-September 1889 Ken ladled his dogs’ dinner into three dirty old bowls. Banging the ladle on the bottom of the empty pan he called, “Paunchoe, Sadie, Max, c’mon now! Dinner time!” The dogs ran out from the woods behind the cabin, ears pricked and tails wagging. He rolled a cigarette and poured three fingers of whiskey into his […]

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Anthology Page Added

Deadman’s Tome Best of the Demonic The Best of the Demonic compiles an assortment of editor picks as a way to celebrate our two years of publication. Loaded with ten gruesome, horrific tales that will pull you to the edge of your seat, this greatest hits anthology will deliver back-to-back a complimentary sample of what Deadman’s Tome is all about. […]