Share the Love, Man.

This is an open letter to all the authors published on Deadman’s Tome:

Deadman’s Tome offers a unique way for authors to earn revenue from their stories. Not that it’s solely about the money, these authors practice the craft of creating dark worlds for the love. But love does not pay the bills.

Unless we’re speaking of prostitution. Prostitution pays the bills, but comes with a slew of problems such as clingy clients, creepy clients, murderous clients, pimps, drugs, and sometimes the police.

We’re not talking prostitution. No, we’re talking about the love of one’s work. That sort of love does not pay for rent. Hell, that sort of love doesn’t even pay for the essential things in life such as booze and blow. What does pay for those things is money, and the authors featured on this site earn money based on how many read their story.

So, if you’re an author published on this site, it’s to your benefit to network the story out to as many people as possible. I can tell by the statistical pattern that there are clever authors with great networking skills, and then there are those that don’t. What I ask is for the other authors to help boast other stories. After all, the more traffic that comes to the site, the better. Really, the better for the authors as this is a passion project with my personal cash at the expense.

Honestly, I don’t have thousands to pour into ads and expensive networking. I also don’t see the reason for it. Ads are hit and miss. A gamble. Deadman’s Tome has over a dozen authors published on the site, and us as a community doing our part in sharing the love, spreading the horror, would be much more effective.

Thank you,

Mr. Deadman


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