Best of the Demonic

bestordemonicNew to Deadman’s Tome?

Want to help support the authors that are featured?

Then check out The Best of the Demonic! The Best of the Demonic compiles an assortment of editor picks as a way to celebrate our two years of publication. Loaded with ten gruesome, horrific tales that will pull you to the edge of your seat, this greatest hits anthology will deliver back-to-back a complimentary sample of what Deadman’s Tome is all about. Fans of our thriving ezine, you already know that this purchase will be totally worth it. Those passing by, you don’t need to hold on to your doubt. As a growing monthly electronic magazine, the quality of our releases has increased phenomenally, and this anthology is a sort of snapshot of what we become.

Best of the Tome

Also check out Best of the Tome! Celebrating three years of publication is nice, but without friends and associates to share the moment with, the party would grow very boring, very fast. To that end, we reached out to everyone that has ever helped us in the past for their personal favorite picks and reasons why they enjoy this online magazine of the macabre.

Starting now, the money raised through sales of The Best of the Demonic will go towards the authors published on Deadman’s Tome!

My goal is to increase what Deadman’s Tome can offer authors that come this way, and you can help make that happen!

I appreciate the heart and soul that writers pour into their work, and believe that they deserve more than pocket change. If you believe this too, then please share this message.

Thank you,

Mr. Deadman

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