Horror Sunday

Sunday, the perfect day for relaxing with a cold beer and a new short from Deadman’s Tome. If you don’t drink beer, then perhaps a glass of scotch or a shot of jack would be a good alternative. If you’re one of them “well-balanced” individuals that don’t want to get tipsy at 9AM, then you could lie to yourself with mimosas or bloody Mary’s.

Not that inebriation is needed to enjoy the latest horror shorts. In fact, you might find that you hardly even touch your beer, adult-drink, or alcoholic juice. Take for example B Thomas’s Woman in Red, a brutal and relentless tale of a murderous blood thirsty couple as they deal with an immigrant problem that is not too different from Europe’s current state of affairs.

Gabrielle Esposito’s Killer Instinct is a short and demented tale of bloodlust that’ll disturb those with fragile sensibilities.

A tale doesn’t need to be drenched in blood in order to disturb the reader. Take for example, Lisa De Young’s The Gates, a short journalistic tale of roommate conflict, grave digging, and an obsession with the dead. I guarantee, that The Gates will leave some readers riddled and eager for another read.

Enjoy a story? Like it, comment, and share it with others. I assure you the authors will thank you for it.


-Mr. Deadman


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