Share the Love, Man.

This is an open letter to all the authors published on Deadman’s Tome: Deadman’s Tome offers a unique way for authors to earn revenue from their stories. Not that it’s solely about the money, these authors practice the craft of creating dark worlds for the love. But love does not pay the bills. Unless we’re speaking of prostitution. Prostitution pays the bills, but comes with … Continue reading Share the Love, Man.

Deadman’s Tome Podcast Tonight

This week has been packed with content too much to go over in a podcast, but I’ll try. What can you expect from a DT podcasts? Um, well, how about excerpts from the latest stories, submission info, off-topic rants, and information directly from Mr. Deadman. Listen to the podcast here Continue reading Deadman’s Tome Podcast Tonight

Question for the Readers

I am impressed with the stats for this site. Visitors are coming to the site to read the stories, share the content, and give feedback to the authors. That is awesome! Deadman’s Tome has content pouring in like mad. Some submissions are absolutely amazing, while others are just kind-of okay, but that is from my perspective. I might be a narcissist, but I’m not delusional. … Continue reading Question for the Readers

The Way Out by Gary Buller

Dan wasn’t hungry despite the fact that he had not eaten for goodness knows how long.  His breathing was panicked and shallow, his head full of disbelief at the terrifying and claustrophobic situation that he found himself in. His nails were bitten down to the skin, and his knuckles were bloody and grazed. He surveyed the scene with searching, worried eyes. In front of him, … Continue reading The Way Out by Gary Buller

Leonard and the Carousel by Mario E. Martinez

I. The security company assigned him to the Riverside Mall. At first, the idea made Thomas a little excited. Fresh out of rehab, he hadn’t been to that mall since he was a kid, the storefronts bright and filled with delights all lighting up his memories. The entire layout nearly unfolded itself in his mind from the Gold Coin Arcade and the Sal’s Pizza to … Continue reading Leonard and the Carousel by Mario E. Martinez