FBI has accessed San Bernardino shooter’s phone without Apple’s help


It used to be horrifying to imagine a world where the government could access your private information at anytime, and it was the source for dystopia fiction.

But the reality is here. The government, the FBI, even local police can access your data without consent, without a warrant, and what bothers me the most is that people seem okay with it. The US Constitution protects citizens against unlawful searches and seizures! Where are the riots, the angry mass of rednecks shouting “but the constitution” and “our founding fathers”?

Oh, that’s right they’re nowhere to be found. Why? Because Americans don’t give a single fuck. The government is serving the Kool-aid that if you got nothin’ to hide, then you got nothin’ to fear and the masses are drinking it up. Opposition to a search is not about having something to fear, it’s about whether the agency has proper grounds to seach from begin with.

People seem to eager to forfeit their rights because of terrorism. We need to let the government search them jihadi phones to keep America safe, they’ll say. Great, and after that the government is going to support the 4th amendment again? Please,  you give anyone an ounce of power, they’ll want more.

Apple knew this, and they fought against the FBI, refusing to cooperate, even after the department had tried numerous times to force their cooperation! Despite all of their efforts, Apple fought in vain. The FBI turned to an Israeli tech company to obtain access to the shooter’s phone.

Link to the story

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