Kehlani on Psychiatric Hold


Self-harm and suicidal ideation is all too real for many people, and many of those affected fail to seek help or struggle to maintain contact with their support.

Right now, somewhere in America, a mother is horrified to find that her daughter had just put a blade to her own flesh, spilling her own blood, and that’s an experience that’ll haunt her. The media, of course, doesn’t give a shred of shit, and nor should they. But when youre famous they do.

Some female performer by the name of Kehlani was placed on psychiatric hold after it was determined that she was a danger to herself. Now, I don’t know who she is, and I could careless about the reasons as to how she became a danger to herself, but I’m torn. I’m torn between thankful that because of this report others will be encouraged to seek help, but I disagree with the flood of attention her psychiatric episode.

Now, I’m not implying that Kehlani faked suicidal ideation in an attempt for publicity, but there are those that wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to take such a low move for an ounce of fame.

Though the point of the report was that Kehlani was dangerous to self and received psychiatric help, I hope her fans don’t think that endangering yourself (or others) is an essential first step for seeking psychiatric help.

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