Dreadfully Stupid – Turned Down by Taco Bell

It’s one o’clock in the morning, you’re tired, a bit wasted, and worst of all, hungry. You’re stomach churns, acids burn at the lining, but a light on the horizon offers relief.

What’s this, a Taco Bell? An offering of low quality meat, stale lettuce, and shredded cheese wrapped in a dry tortilla is within minutes of devouring.

You pull up to the drive thru menu to find silence. Did you not hear the droning voice of someone pretending to willing want to take your order? Perhaps the sensor at the menu failed to notify the ever-so-busy staff of your presence.

You pull up to the drive thru window to find an empty dimly lit frame. Growing ever hungrier, you can’t help but feel ignored. You honk your horn, demand attention, and finally someone greets you. But they don’t greet you to take your order. They greet you to tell you they’re closed.

So, hungry, tired, and turned down by Taco Bell, what do you do? You do the only sane thing that there is. Speed headfirst into an ATM machine, wrecking your car, and knocking you unconscious.

Congrats, Irate Taco Guy. You’ve achieved the medal of Dreadfully Stupid.


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