Daredevil Season 2 Minor Complaint


Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching a good, solid beat down and Daredevil delivers that in droves. From street thugs, biker gangs, to Irish mafia, our blind hero proves over and over again that he can kick total ass. Ninjas can barely touch him, and even the sharp edge of a katana can’t stop him. 

What annoyed me, and perhaps it’s just me, but the second half of season 2 was a constant ninja show. Cloaked Asian warriors would sneak around and fail, charge from the shadows and fail, and even surround and detain and yet fail. I understand Daredevil is of comic origin and some elements are going to seem impractical, hell, even impossible. The idea that hundreds of trained ninjas armed with katanas can’t even take out one blind guy is hard to believe.

But Daredevil is the hero, he is to overcome these impossible odds, while The Hand, the mysterious ninja group, continues to send waves and waves of assassins to dispose of our blind warrior. These ninjas take on Daredevil like three, four, sometimes six at a time just to end up crippled.

I get that it makes for an exciting show of surmounting impossible odds, but there comes a point where you got to ask how the fuck does the Hand recruite so many ninjas?

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