New H P Lovecraft story to be Released

If your a fan of H.P. Lovecraft and you want a complete collection of hisbwork, we’ll then plan to be in Chicago April 9th because “The Cancer of Superstition,” written by Lovecraft in 1926, commissioned by magician Harry Houdini. A Houdini memorabilia collector found the book and is selling it to the public.

As a fan of Lovecraft, I would love to get a copy, but I don’t see myself heading to Chicago anytime soon. Like many, I’ll wait to aquire a copy either online or wait for it to be published in one of many anthologies. For me, it’s not about the physical copy as it is for the experience of the story. Some people really enjoy physical copies, especially originals, but I highly doubt the seller is handing out the original without a heavy price.

Either way, a new Lovecraft short story hitting the scene is awesome.

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