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Month: March 2016

Horror 4

Attention writers!

Write horror? Do you torture your characters for fun? Have a story so demented that no one will take it? Then consider Deadman’s Tome. Open to short stories of the horror genre and we pay. Published stories earn .10cent (USD) per view, like, and comment received. We ask for non-exclusive publishing rights. Multiple submissions okay. Payments handled via PayPal. Submit […]

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Dreadfully Stupid – Turned Down by Taco Bell

It’s one o’clock in the morning, you’re tired, a bit wasted, and worst of all, hungry. You’re stomach churns, acids burn at the lining, but a light on the horizon offers relief. What’s this, a Taco Bell? An offering of low quality meat, stale lettuce, and shredded cheese wrapped in a dry tortilla is within minutes of devouring. You pull […]

Horror 3

The Weapon Collector by Dave Hann

I am a collector of antique weapons.  Human history being what it is, the field is very interesting, and full.  From our earliest history till the very present we have been developing new and improved means of killing.  Killing animals, and most often killing each other.  This destructive impulse has led to the creation of some wonderful devices.  I believe […]

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Zombie Life Ain’t So Bad

Zombie life isn’t so bad. Undead Greg delivers a pitch to those willing to make the greatest decision of their life. Join the undead, the winning team, and live a life of no responsibility, no drama, no stress, no pain, and best of all no need to work ever again! Granted, Donald Trump may try to deport you to Mexico, […]

Horror 1

Bleeder Resurrection: Exhuming the Corpse

              Blades of pale light pierced through the gray hazy sky that loomed with a deep saturation over the desperate city. The cries of many washed under the sounds of traffic and the occasional roar of thunder. The light splashed against the glass of the Richard Keller building–a towering scraper that rose towards the heavens in narrowing stacks of […]

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Therapy of the Dead Chapter 3

The door closed behind him and locked instantly. Cosmetically, the room felt alien from the previous, a boring drywall surface replaced the glamorous wood, a partially stained cement floor replaced the fine wood and luxurious carpet, and fluorescent lights replaced the royal illumination for a sight impairing, flickering, ghostly aura. It was a shadow, an unwelcoming cousin, of the hotel […]

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New H P Lovecraft story to be Released

If your a fan of H.P. Lovecraft and you want a complete collection of hisbwork, we’ll then plan to be in Chicago April 9th because “The Cancer of Superstition,” written by Lovecraft in 1926, commissioned by magician Harry Houdini. A Houdini memorabilia collector found the book and is selling it to the public. As a fan of Lovecraft, I would […]