Mississippi may replace lethal injection with firing squad

Apparently, Mississippi wants to bring back firing squads. What year is this, 1814? Is lethal injection too costly? Is killing one inmate at a time such a time constant that killing as a group seems like a more effective option? Link to the story http://wate.com/2016/03/30/firing-squad-may-replace-lethal-injection-in-mississippi/ Continue reading Mississippi may replace lethal injection with firing squad

FBI has accessed San Bernardino shooter’s phone without Apple’s help

It used to be horrifying to imagine a world where the government could access your private information at anytime, and it was the source for dystopia fiction. But the reality is here. The government, the FBI, even local police can access your data without consent, without a warrant, and what bothers me the most is that people seem okay with it. The US Constitution protects … Continue reading FBI has accessed San Bernardino shooter’s phone without Apple’s help

Benefits of the Undead Life

Are you tired of waking up and doing the same monotonous set of tasks and routine every bastard day? Then don’t! Tweet your address to Undead Greg  @zombietimesgreg and you can become a zombie today! As a zombie, you’ll never have to worry about your bills, slave away at your mundane job, or have to listen to your child’s tantrum ever again! As a zombie … Continue reading Benefits of the Undead Life

The Bleeder Review

Some stories merely delve into darkness only to pull the reader out from it with some light humor. Others, however, not only descend into the abyss, they thrive in it. Dumping the reader into a dark, brutal, hopeless world so that she has no other choice but to face the fear! Order The Bleeder on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004G5ZSTI/ref=aw_ss_kndl_dp/ The Bleeder began as a series of short … Continue reading The Bleeder Review

Attention writers!

Write horror? Do you torture your characters for fun? Have a story so demented that no one will take it? Then consider Deadman’s Tome. Open to short stories of the horror genre and we pay. Published stories earn .10cent (USD) per view, like, and comment received. We ask for non-exclusive publishing rights. Multiple submissions okay. Payments handled via PayPal. Submit stories to Jessecdedman@gmail.com Continue reading Attention writers!