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El Chapo’ Being Taken to Same Prison He Escaped from Six Months Ago

Some stories are just too bizarre to true. Yet, we are often reminded that life is stranger than fiction.

El Chapo, the drug cartel, the lead in Narco, has been arrested and is held at the same prison he escaped from. Sounds like a great setup for a hilarious show with loads of shenanigans.

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Ask a Zombie

Ever wondered if the undead sleep, if they dream, or even if they have life long goals? Well, now you can find the answers to those wonderful questions by asking the source directly.

Ask a zombie. Ask Undead Greg, and he’ll give you a detailed answer because, well, it’s not like he has anything better to do than waste away.

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Submissions and Payouts

Deadman’s Tome is calling for submissions. Have a short story? Working on a short story? Submit it and let Deadman’s Tome feature it on site.

Featured stories earn money, too! Stories earn .10 per view, comment, and like for a year.

I have a list of authors that are due for a payout, actually. Sometimes I get distracted, so don’t hesitate to remind me if you feel like it.

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