Dolphin and Trainer have sexual relationship!

Some facts in life are so bizarre that it leaves one wondering about the fare of humanity. This is one of those moments. A dolphin and trainer have sexual relations.

You read that right. A woman had sexual relations with a boner happy dolphin, but it may not be what you think. The trainer didn’t open her love hole like one of those kinky Hentai girls, but she did give many hand jobs.

Why on Earth would a woman stroke the dolphin meat? Well, it turns out that the dolphin was sexually attracted to her and would bump and grind throughout training sessions. It was so bad that it became a major distraction for training. So, like in one of those My Sex Teacher porns, she offers her dolphin friend some release. She claims it wasn’t sexual on her part, just serious business. That’s the same reality that many woman face in their relationships, though.

My perverted mind wants to know if she ever tasted dolphin spunk.

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