Swastika Poop, WTF?

When conversing about the news and what not it’s easy to hear a comment about how the media covers shit. This comment is then followed by laughs and mutual agreement, usually. Yet, it’s 2015 and the media seems completely ignorant that it has now literally covered shit. If that word offends you, please note that I’m using it as a noun and using it because quite literally (don’t know how much more literal you can fucking get) a swastika shit smear has made the trending topics.

I don’t know how else or what else I should say as the report alone is just completely ridiculous. A shit smear in the shape of a swastika is what college goers at Mizzou university seem upset about. Rent is skyrocketing, debt is ever increasing, ISIS is fucking killing, yet it is a shit smear in a bathroom that drives the campus to take action. What a goddamn joke.

If a simple racist image is enough to cause an uproar, then I really hope that none of these precious students ever step foot into a gas station bathroom. Are we raising super sensitive flowers? I can’t believe this, but belief doesn’t matter. It’s a fact.

After all, the news is nothing but shit.

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