Prime Cuts Graphic Novel Review


Gritty like rough sandpaper, deprived like a German nightclub, Primal Cuts, graphic novel written by John Franklin and Tim Sulka, illustrated by Rob Gutman, tells a disturbing and yet hilarious tale of revenge.


Todd Sweeny, released from cosmology prison, sets forth to kill the man responsible for killing his family. He also has a skill like no other, a master of the cut, with his own special golden blades, and a sick collection of golden banes.


What makes Prime Cuts standout is the how the gritty art style emphasizes the dark atmosphere, as Todd meets a set of characters that couldn’t pass a background check. From the dirty trucker to the greasy Italian, Prime Cuts features a slew of characters that thrive in a morally deprived underworld of sorts.

Having only read the first volume of Prime Cuts, I have more questions than answers. Todd’s backstory is still a mystery and I’m interested in finding out how he and his newly acquired friend navigate his bloody mess of a murder. Overall, Prime Cut is a series I would be following up on, and one that I recommend to those that enjoy a dark, twisted story.

Check out Prime Cuts

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