Self-identity and Fiction

The vampire. A creature of the night that embodies charisma, strength, and control. Attributes that most either aspire for, or long to be the subject of. The curse of being abandoned, exiled, and forgotten may even seem trivial when fear and power are weighted in.

In short, the vampire is characterized in such a way to bring out admiration, desire, and fantasy. So, is it any surprise that some people wish to role play as a vampire? Dress, tslk, sleep, and eat as if the creature described in in various vampire folklore.

But what happens when fantasy becomes reality? When role play shifts from a hobby to a full lifestyle change? Or even when people dedicate their whole being, and the rearing of their children to the fantasy?

Apparently, this happens more often than you might think. Therapists have helped people through identification troubles. Situations that some may even say are much more important because they’re real and effect a bigger population such as gender identification. Vampire identification, and other fantasy based identification, is very real though, and requires a similar delicate approach.

How do you convince someone that believes, truly believes they are a vampire that they’re not? Should it even matter? Well, raising children on artifical blood is a major alarm for me. A grown ass adult to do whatever as long as they don’t hurt anybody as far as in concerned.

Would you say that they’re delusional and need help? To me, it seems like they’re trying to avoid something from personal experience. They take on what they desire as to not be their undesired self. In that case, is it therapeutic? If it helps to cope with a tragedy to believe you’re something, even fantasy based, then what is the problem? Is there a problem?

But what do you think?

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